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Where has the time gone?

So many things have taken place at Fern Bridge Farm since I last wrote a blog post.  I started to write a blog post back in July about preparing the farm for the sheep's arrival, and somewhere along the way it was forgotten and sadly sat unfinished in drafts purgatory.  So, without further delay, let me catch you up on all of the news since my last post.  Warning: this could be a long one, so be prepared to get comfortable for a good long read! We finished preparations to the farm in late summer, just in time for the sheep to arrive in August and then again in September.  We had a tree that had come down quite a...

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Meeting the Sheep

I am very fortunate that in Vermont, there is a good sized population of Shetland sheep.  There are a number of farms that are selling registered breeding stock and I am lucky enough to have two fantastic contacts from another business of mine, which has allowed me to secure 9 sheep to start my farm!  I will be getting a total of 6 registered Shetlands and 3 Dorset/Shetland crosses.  There is a great history of Shetland Sheep in Vermont, and if you would like to read about it, I encourage you to visit Maple Ridge Sheep Farm's website.  At least three of the ewes in my flock have bloodlines that run directly back to the very first flock of Shetland...

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