Meeting the Sheep

I am very fortunate that in Vermont, there is a good sized population of Shetland sheep.  There are a number of farms that are selling registered breeding stock and I am lucky enough to have two fantastic contacts from another business of mine, which has allowed me to secure 9 sheep to start my farm!  I will be getting a total of 6 registered Shetlands and 3 Dorset/Shetland crosses.  There is a great history of Shetland Sheep in Vermont, and if you would like to read about it, I encourage you to visit Maple Ridge Sheep Farm's website.  At least three of the ewes in my flock have bloodlines that run directly back to the very first flock of Shetland sheep that were imported into Canada in 1980 and then later into Vermont.

My first sheep will arrive at my farm in mid-July, from Petersholm Farm in Williston, Vermont.  I have two registered Shetland twin ewe lambs (Tara & Tilly), a registered Shetland 5yo ewe (Jeni), a 4yo Dorset/Shetland cross ewe (Fia) and two Dorset/Shetland ram lambs twins (Boris and Brant).  The Dorset/Shetland ram lambs will be wethered (castrated) soon after arriving on the farm as they will not be used for breeding.

And then in August we'll have three more cuties coming from Wing & A Prayer Farm in Shaftsbury, Vermont.  Two registered Shetland twin ewe lambs (Peregrine & Pearl) and a registered Shetland ram lamb (Pelle).

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I didn't know if I would be able to visit the farms and meet my sheep before they were all grown up and before they would be arriving on my farm.  But with proper social distancing protocols, I was able to visit both farms and snuggle with my sheep!

I'll be sharing more posts and pictures both in my blog and on social media - Facebook & Instagram - in the coming weeks as we prepare the farm for the arrival of the sheep!