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Episode 1 - January 3, 2022

  Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Website Join Our Flock (newsletter)   From the Barn (08:35) Bred Ewes - Upcoming Care Ultrasounds Shearing  Vaccinations Lambing Season Lambing will occur late April, early May and we plan to overload our social media with lots of posts! Making (16:46) Me Made Kelly - Larch by Pam Allen using Quince & Co Owl Bob - Two by Two by Anne Gagnon using Wing & A Prayer Farm All the Single Ladies FOs (Finished Objects) Bob - Modified Spicer Hat by Nancy Ekvall using hand prepped/spun Fern Bridge Farm “Tilly” yarn WIPs (Works In Progress) Kelly - Asti Spumante by Thea Coleman using Hands & Heart Farm Yarn Kelly - Soorik by Gudrun Johnston...

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